Let´s take a ride on the other side of rock'n roll
over the hills of smoke
beyond our dreams
far away from everyday little shit

time is our ship of fools
and we dance alone
feet bare digging the sands of music
free free free

we are the sun
we guide ourselfs in spite of
we run away no matter what
it´s cool

this package of history is out-of-date
all that's left is hate
but we don't wait
for love

ripping pillows
spitting pills
crazy nights

wonder why
the sky
so high
up there

me like
the fight

walking away holding your hand and just smiling and not giving a fuck about anything else but beein free


Baby, great film!


I´ll never walk alone
no matter what
i´ll tip my hat
headed home.

If it wasn´t this it would be something else
i´m glad it is you
on the other side of the road.

I´ll never need a map
i´m guided by the stars
i´m guided by your eyes.


You inspire me.