All the trees started screaming to the wind.
We walked along the rain and clouds of wine formed upon the skyline.
Another night in the island.
A kiss from inside.
An hour.
We made it safely home and the cat was miauuuing all over the place.
It´s fun when we don´t have to run, as time drifts his lips over the lollypop moon.
It´s delicious to be ridiculous and sing.
The sea just outside the door, a soundtrack called "amor".

This is the warmest winter of my life.


Let´s put on rubber and pretend it´s summer.
Let´s listen to that Rita Lee and feel free.
Let´s take a look around and smile at shopping windows.
Let´s talk to strangers.
Let´s rearange the nightmare like that Palma guy did.
Let´s keep simple.

You leave me breathless
and thats the way, huh-huh, i like it.


When Freedom and Hope join hands,
We happen.


As you read i write this and celebrate the miracle of these simple, powerfull moments.


The rain set the mood for the night.
On an improvised bed in the living-room floor, just a couple of feet away from the storm.

We made music.
We happened.
We laughed.

I felt myself through you.
Our bodies two glasses of red wine.
We drank each other.

Let´s do it all over again.