Autum sweat on an improvised bed and the ocean as the soundtrack of us.


That day, wen you gave me a ride, was wen life began smiling at me.
Nowadays i live for your smile.


Side-by-side we move across the day-by-day challenges.
And it makes sense.
All of it.
The laughs.
The tears.
The road is the present and we move on.
Today leads the way.
Dance the dance of the heart and be proud.
And read our love out loud.


We took the hill by dawn and set camp on top of the mountain.
I lit up the fire as you set up a pre-cooked meal made of light ingredients. Got to take care of that waist line!
Anyway, we ate and drank cool white wine and everything was just fine.
The sky above was as blue as they come and a smooth, soft breeze felt just like home.
We smoked cigarretes and you added in some psichotropic substances, wich i can´t use.
Well, after a couple of minutes i was as high as you were, without even taking a drag. That's one of my extras.
It was a great and exausting night.
You fell asleep on my shouder and there we layed, under a magical blanket of stars.


I walk along a road that leads to your secret.
The road is long and it's listed under Love on the map of your skin.
Give me your hand, smoke another cigarrete and smile.
We will never walk alone.


The world is ours.


You read me as i write us.