I look out the window and the rain plays the Insane simphony.
I smile as you pass by, deathly and kind.
Don't ever change.


Take a sip of wine and let the chips fall as they may!
You are the reason and love is the only way
To win
To lose
To play.


We came upon a bridge. Below us the river ran free. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. We joined hands and dived into the Miracle.


I submit my boby to you.


You stepped up the pace as we rolled across the darkened highway. Always free, you decide were to go and you are never wrong, as there is no room for doubt.
This road is ours.


I am a Prince in within the walls of your body.


I drove around for days. After many miles i could not find anything that even began to describe how i feel for you.
So i came back home and kissed your feet.
Don't ever change.


As you open the window i notice the sweat dripping from your breasts. This is The Life.