Making my way back home i find myself thirsty of you, lost that i am in this desert of Banal. I lite up another cigarrete and keep on walking, step after step, my mind away on a long distance call to Dreamland. I'ts obvious to me that i'll never understand this crazy world. Must stop trying so hard. Must let go. Close my eyes. I see your face. Now i feel better. Continue to walk with my eyes closed. Stumble on a sidewalk. Almost falling. Be carefull. Do not overreact and youl be fine.
Finally at home i realise the truth: keep it simple.
- Baby...
- I know.


Days of longlasting moments that turn into this. You an i. Together in the song of our heat that drips tiny letters of sweat on our skin, writing the meaning of our love.


as we close our eyes
the road leads the way
heading anywhere
and always onwars
following the music
destiny unknown

and as tomorow nevers comes
we make this moment