we made a castle of the night were we rule under the laws of love.


we made a run for the hills
and met
on the other side of love
were the night
is ours
to enjoy.


Baby, baby, Babylon...


Take the weel and let me feel alive. The wind in my face cools me down as you smile and speed up down the road. All we do is sing along our own song.
- Baby, give me a light...
- Here you go. Were are we headed?
- I don't know...
- That's the way, uhuh! uhuh!, i like it!


come on baby, let's get rid of the raincoat and dance into the storm.
meet me at the Rock'nRoll cafe for a quick drink and a kiss.
help me choose what to wear.
make love to me on this chair.
love me, love me, love me.
listen to the song.
be quiet and let in the rain.
take my hand.
be yourself.


despite the rain we moved on. the road was wet with our sweat and the radio played some song from an old movie. memories of how we met dominated the conversation as we pushed through the rain. we stoped at an abandoned gas station and made love until the sun was back in control.
you make me feel alive.