headed for somewhere
always free
i set my mind onwards
to the limit of beauty
findind your eyes
next to mine

let the power of your body
meet the power of your mind
and come with me
let´s live

only silence
can capture
the essence
of us.


to be here
your heartbeat a way of life

my hair
a wave
a sound
a mistery

come here
and make me a better man.


in the afternoon
your eyes
above all

the day hugs me
as i contemplate

both of us are here
in a kiss

i found
in you

i wait
for the time
of surrender

take me

let´s dance
hand in hand
with life

and tomorow
is a whisper
in your ear.


we packed ou bags and headed to the other side of the sun, where nothing else matters but the warm music of your kiss and the blessing of your smile.
making me happy, you never cease to amaze me.


i cried my fears and i was a river headind to the sea of your wisdom.


i feel you in the morning sunlight.
we pack our bags and head out to the sunset line. the road ahead is long and unpredictable, just the way it should be. we tune the radio on DreamStation and you dance along, hair hanging loose, and the sunlight makes your silky skin shine. i try to focus but it's not easy. you sing along a crazy old song and i make a stop at the nearest drive-in, just in time to listen to your body scream along mine.
it's a hell of a ride, baby!


as you sleep beside me
time seems to slow down
to the ritm of our song

as our bodies rest
our sweat a proof
of sin and pride

make me a better man
as i hope
to make you smile

and let´s dance again
and again and again
like this

and let the rain explore the corners of your skin as we move along the days with unspoken joy.