as we lay beside each other,
the simplicity of the moment,
the grasp of time,
we keep on making way,
moving forward at the constant speed of our love,
and it is beautifull.
take my hand and my heart and drink me.
the sweat and the blood and tears and the bed.
this heat is ours,
the morning will come.
and so we dance at the rhythm of your heartbeat
long before the night is over
and my body is a festival of joy
as we celebrate each other.
don't stop.


i told our story to a tree and waited. later on the sun and the rain and all the live forms that lived around that tree started singing along some crazy old song.
you make me live.


a kiss upon your kiss
a smile upon your smille
the fundamental things apply
as you go by

and we make our love sublime
as we turn the day alive
the thought of you subsides
as you go by

and wen two lovers meet
makes a cloudy day turn bright
the world is but a dream
as we go by.


once upon a road i was lonely and sad
but now i smile upon your kiss
and the sweet surrender
of your love.

take me with you on your heart
and set the course
i feel this right
as we kiss.

once upon a road
we made the right turn
wich led us
to each other.


we set ourselfs into the smiling sun.
it's so easy being myself with you.


we travel far, slowly bending time. the narrow curves of the road, the wind on your shoulders and a breeze, it all makes sense now. make me believe with a smile, i'm yours upon a kiss.
we make a stop at a broken down motel and decide to spend the night in. it's a sunny afternoon and everything is in tune. we eat and drink and bath and shave and at night nothing's left of us but the moon.
i love it when it's just us.


we came home exausted. you took of your grey dress in one swift move and steped into a hot shower. i smoked a couple of cigarretes and read yesterday's newspaper. that night we rested from the journey. our bodies melted into each other.
the next morning our stains.
let us move on, for the road does not sleep.