- baby, i think we're lost...
- just relax, baby, and enjoy it.


the tumbling out of the words is in harmony with the melody of our hearts.

and we sing along the raining song
making our way possible
through the cold crowd
that can't reach us.

the crazy sound of this
both of us dancing
on an empty floor
and there's no tomorow.

so take my hand
and let's make it happen
for we are free
to be together...


- baby, what was that?
- it's raining...


as we ride the along the dusty road, hair loose on the warm summer breeze, gently waving to the sun. we made a quick stop at a broken down gas station in the middle of Nowhere. an old geezer who never smiled filled up the tank and made us toasts. we had a beer and smoke french cigarretes. back on the road i realize the way your hair covers your shoulders, like a shadow.
we become the road. the night covers our skin as we lay on the warm grass. my fingers through your hair, your lips on my chest, let's not rest until the morning comes.


i slowly walk the long path that leads to eternity, over the hills of your shoulders, only to find, at the end, our love.


we justify each other.
as you sing along a crazy radio song i look up at the sky. a sense of you. a smell of destiny. and your skirt flowing in the wind. life is good in the country.

we made it through the rain and took shelter in each other. tiny drops of sweat fall from your sky into my dirt and something beautifull and misterious grows around us. and you, my sun, light me up.

- got a light?
i light up two cigarretes and we smoke. you hold my hand and nothing else matters.


because of you
i lost my membership on the Lonely Hearts Club
because of you
my water turned into wine
and that's fine
because of you
all my skys are painted blue
and that's fine too
because of you
i feel the way i should feel
because of you
nothing else seems to matter
because of you
everything makes sense
because of you
my skin is softer
because of you
i feel like having breakfast
because of you
the night is no longer a fight
as we dance together at the sound of our wild hearts
a warm feeling inside
and the gift of silence
words spoken in gestures
as you touch me

i am
because of you