today we stand alone together.
today we ceese the day! or not...
today we make us happen. today we eat fabulous toasts in the morning and singing a song we go along our everyday business. the grey sky is our pallete and we make the sun shine in our actions and thoughts. let's join hands. today we plant a tree of joy and wait paciently by it's shadow for the fruits to come. then we invite everybody over for a party and share this wonderfull feelling.
today we bring along each other and smile. today will be tomorow in a wile. today the newspapers will be filled with news of hope, peace, and miraculous cures for every desease. or not...
but whatever the weather and independently of the news we make our own way, together and free, you and me.


i walk slowly.
the street is empty at this time of night and so it always should be. there is peace around me and while everybody sleeps i treasure this moment forever. a slight breeze. a lonely cigarrete. and you.
always you.
walk with me. ride with me.
i'm never alone, you see. even when sadness knocks on my front door. even when the sky is so grey. i'm not alone.
and i run through these peacefull streets while everybody sleeps. i run to you.
and even in these days, days in wich i lack the so called inspiration, even, and specially, in these days, i look deeply into myself , deep down to a place that was long forgotten, to find you smiling and gently making me happy.


we opened the windows and turned up the volume:
- " I gotta roll, can't stand still, got a flame in my heart, can't get my fill. Eyes that shine burning red, dreams of you all through my head."
travelling at the speed of sound we made our world go round'n round. let your hair hang loose, close your eyes and feel the wind in your face. i drive through the night with a will to fly. and we make a stop at a empty field. lights out. it's time for us.
i feel you.
- got a light?
we smoke quietly in that empty field, our shadows as one.
-"All I ask for when I pray, steady rollin' woman gonna come my way. Need a woman gonna hold my hand, won't tell me no lies, make me a happy man."


i went to OneEyedJack's for a beer and some small talk. the atmosfere was damp with smoke and music pontuacted by three carachters sitting silently by the bar. i got some smokes from the nice machine who always thanks you and sat at a corner table. Jack brought me a damp warm mix on a scratched stained glass. i drank it quietly. outside the rain made it's point. Jack sat with me and we stood still staring at a ridiculous music video from the eighties.
i made my way through Hope Street, the rain on my face. i felt alive.
i came home and waited for you. you woke me up with a tender kiss and a smile.
taking shelter from the storm we felt safe in each other.


we laughed and cried and had breakfast in bed before the journey ahead of us. longlasting moments of pure and unspeakable truth. take me.
the trivial. the futil. the day-by-day. make it last. make it unique and casual and important. make history out of nothing.
and this is the way i will find the truth hidden behind your naked shoulders.


back home we encouter a familiar heartbeat. the litle noises. your body perfectly framed by the bed. a picture of us. a feeling of dreams. here.


we had a fabulous snack at an empty drive-in. the rain fell furiously in a simphony of drops. there was nobody around. slowly, you pulled up your dress and we kissed. your taste in my mouth. the tender skin. the sweat. and the unstopable fury of the rain.
- got a light?
you lit up two cigarretes and we stood still as the rain drove us to sleep. in the morning the smiling sun woke us up and we headed north, guided by the unknown. i kissed your shoulders and you smiled.
being free is not looking back.


always you.
only you.
i grabbed my jacket and started running. wen i got there you were laying on the wet grass smoking a perfect cigarrete. the moon was just above you like a neon sign and it's dimm colour matched your dress. tired, i rested my bones in your heat and fell instantly asleep. i felt your long fingers in my wet hair. this is the way it should always be.
tomorow we hit the road again, rested and together, like the night and the moon, as one.


- baby, i'm cold.
- come here...


let's not stop.
let's take the sweet with the sour and get married within the hour. let's stay up until the sun goes down. let us scream.
let's go insane under this rain. let's rock'n roll. let's dance somewere in France. let's get late. let's smile just for a wile. let us ceeze the day!
let us daydream. let's write letters again. let's not stand in line. let's not skip foreplay. let's do the dishes. let's leave a tip. let's make a trip. let's get high with our own supply. let's eat popcorn and cry together at the movies. let's twist again. let's get it on.
let us enjoy the silence.
let's drink wen we drive and drive wile we drink. let's be carefull. let's go on a diet-coke. let's listen to the radio. let's wake up and smell the napalm in the morning. let's stay in bed. let's fight. let's fuck. let's run. let's have fun. let's call your mom. let's speak. let's not worry. let's be happy. let's shop. let's make a joyride out of life. let's not mencion the war. let's get older by the our and wilder by the minute. let's get a burger. let's stand. let's go bowling. let's read. let's save the world and make it a better place. let's loose all hope. let's go to Rome and not see the Pope. let's take turns. let's make a list. let's share a cab. let's cuddle. let's go again. let's go bungee-jumping. let's have tea at five. let's have guests. let's get a hat. let's pay the bills. let's say yes.
let us be together.


we left in evening, with a lot of good memories and a couple of towels.

tunning into Radio Banal made us feel special as we drove along the highway. wind in our face. the setting sun was our destiny.

i never believed in faith, still don't, but the way things seems to escape our control never ceeses to amaze me. you lite up a couple of cigarretes and we smoke.

let's not stop tonight.

we leave the motor running and make our way into the wild. your silky skin. your hair in my mouth. a never endind tail of mixed emotions. once upon a road.

breathe me.



can you feel?
can you feel the heat behind us?
the road is long.
take the weel wile i make you smile.
are you hungry?
let's put time to test and do our best.

on the radio a sad song seems to make sense. you scratch your leg, gently, at the sond of a lonely guitar. dreams are a gas station away from us. in the beginning nothing makes sense.
" let's be alone together..."
the coffee is cold and delicious and you lite up a cigarrete. my god you are beautifull.
the road is long and in the beginning nothing else matters but you and me and us. we eat crazy cheese toasts and watch black-n-white movies, here at the BlacknBlue Motel. cold water and warm beer and nothing but the sound of you breathing me.

there will never be a morning like you.