I close my eyes and feel you.
Your smell, your skin, always present.
Love beats time and space.
And i love you.


Come, let´s burn the night together.

Side by side.

Last night we started a thunderstorm.

And slepped with an honest smile.

Life's so good in the country-side.




Like me and like you.


Whenever you smile you make my life worthwile.


You make believe in myself.

Thank you for being yourself.

The road is ours.

Let´s face it with a smile in our faces.

Take my hand.

Love leads the way.

Our way.


The road defines me.
As i move along the day-by-day highway i feel a sence of justice and pride in every turn i make.
And stopping is not an option as time goes by.

I sit beside you and cry.

You show me that it´s never too late or too soon.
Now is the only time there will ever be.
And together we are free.
Me and you.
You and me.


As the nights become longer, so does my desire to warm my body next to yours.
Your heat is a blessing.
And it feels good.


Autum sweat on an improvised bed and the ocean as the soundtrack of us.


That day, wen you gave me a ride, was wen life began smiling at me.
Nowadays i live for your smile.


Side-by-side we move across the day-by-day challenges.
And it makes sense.
All of it.
The laughs.
The tears.
The road is the present and we move on.
Today leads the way.
Dance the dance of the heart and be proud.
And read our love out loud.


We took the hill by dawn and set camp on top of the mountain.
I lit up the fire as you set up a pre-cooked meal made of light ingredients. Got to take care of that waist line!
Anyway, we ate and drank cool white wine and everything was just fine.
The sky above was as blue as they come and a smooth, soft breeze felt just like home.
We smoked cigarretes and you added in some psichotropic substances, wich i can´t use.
Well, after a couple of minutes i was as high as you were, without even taking a drag. That's one of my extras.
It was a great and exausting night.
You fell asleep on my shouder and there we layed, under a magical blanket of stars.


I walk along a road that leads to your secret.
The road is long and it's listed under Love on the map of your skin.
Give me your hand, smoke another cigarrete and smile.
We will never walk alone.


The world is ours.


You read me as i write us.


I look out the window and the rain plays the Insane simphony.
I smile as you pass by, deathly and kind.
Don't ever change.


Take a sip of wine and let the chips fall as they may!
You are the reason and love is the only way
To win
To lose
To play.


We came upon a bridge. Below us the river ran free. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. We joined hands and dived into the Miracle.


I submit my boby to you.


You stepped up the pace as we rolled across the darkened highway. Always free, you decide were to go and you are never wrong, as there is no room for doubt.
This road is ours.


I am a Prince in within the walls of your body.


I drove around for days. After many miles i could not find anything that even began to describe how i feel for you.
So i came back home and kissed your feet.
Don't ever change.


As you open the window i notice the sweat dripping from your breasts. This is The Life.




Making my way back home i find myself thirsty of you, lost that i am in this desert of Banal. I lite up another cigarrete and keep on walking, step after step, my mind away on a long distance call to Dreamland. I'ts obvious to me that i'll never understand this crazy world. Must stop trying so hard. Must let go. Close my eyes. I see your face. Now i feel better. Continue to walk with my eyes closed. Stumble on a sidewalk. Almost falling. Be carefull. Do not overreact and youl be fine.
Finally at home i realise the truth: keep it simple.
- Baby...
- I know.


Days of longlasting moments that turn into this. You an i. Together in the song of our heat that drips tiny letters of sweat on our skin, writing the meaning of our love.


as we close our eyes
the road leads the way
heading anywhere
and always onwars
following the music
destiny unknown

and as tomorow nevers comes
we make this moment


we made a castle of the night were we rule under the laws of love.


we made a run for the hills
and met
on the other side of love
were the night
is ours
to enjoy.


Baby, baby, Babylon...


Take the weel and let me feel alive. The wind in my face cools me down as you smile and speed up down the road. All we do is sing along our own song.
- Baby, give me a light...
- Here you go. Were are we headed?
- I don't know...
- That's the way, uhuh! uhuh!, i like it!


come on baby, let's get rid of the raincoat and dance into the storm.
meet me at the Rock'nRoll cafe for a quick drink and a kiss.
help me choose what to wear.
make love to me on this chair.
love me, love me, love me.
listen to the song.
be quiet and let in the rain.
take my hand.
be yourself.


despite the rain we moved on. the road was wet with our sweat and the radio played some song from an old movie. memories of how we met dominated the conversation as we pushed through the rain. we stoped at an abandoned gas station and made love until the sun was back in control.
you make me feel alive.


headed for somewhere
always free
i set my mind onwards
to the limit of beauty
findind your eyes
next to mine

let the power of your body
meet the power of your mind
and come with me
let´s live

only silence
can capture
the essence
of us.


to be here
your heartbeat a way of life

my hair
a wave
a sound
a mistery

come here
and make me a better man.


in the afternoon
your eyes
above all

the day hugs me
as i contemplate

both of us are here
in a kiss

i found
in you

i wait
for the time
of surrender

take me

let´s dance
hand in hand
with life

and tomorow
is a whisper
in your ear.


we packed ou bags and headed to the other side of the sun, where nothing else matters but the warm music of your kiss and the blessing of your smile.
making me happy, you never cease to amaze me.


i cried my fears and i was a river headind to the sea of your wisdom.


i feel you in the morning sunlight.
we pack our bags and head out to the sunset line. the road ahead is long and unpredictable, just the way it should be. we tune the radio on DreamStation and you dance along, hair hanging loose, and the sunlight makes your silky skin shine. i try to focus but it's not easy. you sing along a crazy old song and i make a stop at the nearest drive-in, just in time to listen to your body scream along mine.
it's a hell of a ride, baby!


as you sleep beside me
time seems to slow down
to the ritm of our song

as our bodies rest
our sweat a proof
of sin and pride

make me a better man
as i hope
to make you smile

and let´s dance again
and again and again
like this

and let the rain explore the corners of your skin as we move along the days with unspoken joy.


as we lay beside each other,
the simplicity of the moment,
the grasp of time,
we keep on making way,
moving forward at the constant speed of our love,
and it is beautifull.
take my hand and my heart and drink me.
the sweat and the blood and tears and the bed.
this heat is ours,
the morning will come.
and so we dance at the rhythm of your heartbeat
long before the night is over
and my body is a festival of joy
as we celebrate each other.
don't stop.


i told our story to a tree and waited. later on the sun and the rain and all the live forms that lived around that tree started singing along some crazy old song.
you make me live.


a kiss upon your kiss
a smile upon your smille
the fundamental things apply
as you go by

and we make our love sublime
as we turn the day alive
the thought of you subsides
as you go by

and wen two lovers meet
makes a cloudy day turn bright
the world is but a dream
as we go by.


once upon a road i was lonely and sad
but now i smile upon your kiss
and the sweet surrender
of your love.

take me with you on your heart
and set the course
i feel this right
as we kiss.

once upon a road
we made the right turn
wich led us
to each other.


we set ourselfs into the smiling sun.
it's so easy being myself with you.


we travel far, slowly bending time. the narrow curves of the road, the wind on your shoulders and a breeze, it all makes sense now. make me believe with a smile, i'm yours upon a kiss.
we make a stop at a broken down motel and decide to spend the night in. it's a sunny afternoon and everything is in tune. we eat and drink and bath and shave and at night nothing's left of us but the moon.
i love it when it's just us.


we came home exausted. you took of your grey dress in one swift move and steped into a hot shower. i smoked a couple of cigarretes and read yesterday's newspaper. that night we rested from the journey. our bodies melted into each other.
the next morning our stains.
let us move on, for the road does not sleep.


- baby, i think we're lost...
- just relax, baby, and enjoy it.


the tumbling out of the words is in harmony with the melody of our hearts.

and we sing along the raining song
making our way possible
through the cold crowd
that can't reach us.

the crazy sound of this
both of us dancing
on an empty floor
and there's no tomorow.

so take my hand
and let's make it happen
for we are free
to be together...


- baby, what was that?
- it's raining...


as we ride the along the dusty road, hair loose on the warm summer breeze, gently waving to the sun. we made a quick stop at a broken down gas station in the middle of Nowhere. an old geezer who never smiled filled up the tank and made us toasts. we had a beer and smoke french cigarretes. back on the road i realize the way your hair covers your shoulders, like a shadow.
we become the road. the night covers our skin as we lay on the warm grass. my fingers through your hair, your lips on my chest, let's not rest until the morning comes.


i slowly walk the long path that leads to eternity, over the hills of your shoulders, only to find, at the end, our love.


we justify each other.
as you sing along a crazy radio song i look up at the sky. a sense of you. a smell of destiny. and your skirt flowing in the wind. life is good in the country.

we made it through the rain and took shelter in each other. tiny drops of sweat fall from your sky into my dirt and something beautifull and misterious grows around us. and you, my sun, light me up.

- got a light?
i light up two cigarretes and we smoke. you hold my hand and nothing else matters.


because of you
i lost my membership on the Lonely Hearts Club
because of you
my water turned into wine
and that's fine
because of you
all my skys are painted blue
and that's fine too
because of you
i feel the way i should feel
because of you
nothing else seems to matter
because of you
everything makes sense
because of you
my skin is softer
because of you
i feel like having breakfast
because of you
the night is no longer a fight
as we dance together at the sound of our wild hearts
a warm feeling inside
and the gift of silence
words spoken in gestures
as you touch me

i am
because of you


today we stand alone together.
today we ceese the day! or not...
today we make us happen. today we eat fabulous toasts in the morning and singing a song we go along our everyday business. the grey sky is our pallete and we make the sun shine in our actions and thoughts. let's join hands. today we plant a tree of joy and wait paciently by it's shadow for the fruits to come. then we invite everybody over for a party and share this wonderfull feelling.
today we bring along each other and smile. today will be tomorow in a wile. today the newspapers will be filled with news of hope, peace, and miraculous cures for every desease. or not...
but whatever the weather and independently of the news we make our own way, together and free, you and me.


i walk slowly.
the street is empty at this time of night and so it always should be. there is peace around me and while everybody sleeps i treasure this moment forever. a slight breeze. a lonely cigarrete. and you.
always you.
walk with me. ride with me.
i'm never alone, you see. even when sadness knocks on my front door. even when the sky is so grey. i'm not alone.
and i run through these peacefull streets while everybody sleeps. i run to you.
and even in these days, days in wich i lack the so called inspiration, even, and specially, in these days, i look deeply into myself , deep down to a place that was long forgotten, to find you smiling and gently making me happy.


we opened the windows and turned up the volume:
- " I gotta roll, can't stand still, got a flame in my heart, can't get my fill. Eyes that shine burning red, dreams of you all through my head."
travelling at the speed of sound we made our world go round'n round. let your hair hang loose, close your eyes and feel the wind in your face. i drive through the night with a will to fly. and we make a stop at a empty field. lights out. it's time for us.
i feel you.
- got a light?
we smoke quietly in that empty field, our shadows as one.
-"All I ask for when I pray, steady rollin' woman gonna come my way. Need a woman gonna hold my hand, won't tell me no lies, make me a happy man."


i went to OneEyedJack's for a beer and some small talk. the atmosfere was damp with smoke and music pontuacted by three carachters sitting silently by the bar. i got some smokes from the nice machine who always thanks you and sat at a corner table. Jack brought me a damp warm mix on a scratched stained glass. i drank it quietly. outside the rain made it's point. Jack sat with me and we stood still staring at a ridiculous music video from the eighties.
i made my way through Hope Street, the rain on my face. i felt alive.
i came home and waited for you. you woke me up with a tender kiss and a smile.
taking shelter from the storm we felt safe in each other.


we laughed and cried and had breakfast in bed before the journey ahead of us. longlasting moments of pure and unspeakable truth. take me.
the trivial. the futil. the day-by-day. make it last. make it unique and casual and important. make history out of nothing.
and this is the way i will find the truth hidden behind your naked shoulders.


back home we encouter a familiar heartbeat. the litle noises. your body perfectly framed by the bed. a picture of us. a feeling of dreams. here.


we had a fabulous snack at an empty drive-in. the rain fell furiously in a simphony of drops. there was nobody around. slowly, you pulled up your dress and we kissed. your taste in my mouth. the tender skin. the sweat. and the unstopable fury of the rain.
- got a light?
you lit up two cigarretes and we stood still as the rain drove us to sleep. in the morning the smiling sun woke us up and we headed north, guided by the unknown. i kissed your shoulders and you smiled.
being free is not looking back.


always you.
only you.
i grabbed my jacket and started running. wen i got there you were laying on the wet grass smoking a perfect cigarrete. the moon was just above you like a neon sign and it's dimm colour matched your dress. tired, i rested my bones in your heat and fell instantly asleep. i felt your long fingers in my wet hair. this is the way it should always be.
tomorow we hit the road again, rested and together, like the night and the moon, as one.


- baby, i'm cold.
- come here...


let's not stop.
let's take the sweet with the sour and get married within the hour. let's stay up until the sun goes down. let us scream.
let's go insane under this rain. let's rock'n roll. let's dance somewere in France. let's get late. let's smile just for a wile. let us ceeze the day!
let us daydream. let's write letters again. let's not stand in line. let's not skip foreplay. let's do the dishes. let's leave a tip. let's make a trip. let's get high with our own supply. let's eat popcorn and cry together at the movies. let's twist again. let's get it on.
let us enjoy the silence.
let's drink wen we drive and drive wile we drink. let's be carefull. let's go on a diet-coke. let's listen to the radio. let's wake up and smell the napalm in the morning. let's stay in bed. let's fight. let's fuck. let's run. let's have fun. let's call your mom. let's speak. let's not worry. let's be happy. let's shop. let's make a joyride out of life. let's not mencion the war. let's get older by the our and wilder by the minute. let's get a burger. let's stand. let's go bowling. let's read. let's save the world and make it a better place. let's loose all hope. let's go to Rome and not see the Pope. let's take turns. let's make a list. let's share a cab. let's cuddle. let's go again. let's go bungee-jumping. let's have tea at five. let's have guests. let's get a hat. let's pay the bills. let's say yes.
let us be together.


we left in evening, with a lot of good memories and a couple of towels.

tunning into Radio Banal made us feel special as we drove along the highway. wind in our face. the setting sun was our destiny.

i never believed in faith, still don't, but the way things seems to escape our control never ceeses to amaze me. you lite up a couple of cigarretes and we smoke.

let's not stop tonight.

we leave the motor running and make our way into the wild. your silky skin. your hair in my mouth. a never endind tail of mixed emotions. once upon a road.

breathe me.



can you feel?
can you feel the heat behind us?
the road is long.
take the weel wile i make you smile.
are you hungry?
let's put time to test and do our best.

on the radio a sad song seems to make sense. you scratch your leg, gently, at the sond of a lonely guitar. dreams are a gas station away from us. in the beginning nothing makes sense.
" let's be alone together..."
the coffee is cold and delicious and you lite up a cigarrete. my god you are beautifull.
the road is long and in the beginning nothing else matters but you and me and us. we eat crazy cheese toasts and watch black-n-white movies, here at the BlacknBlue Motel. cold water and warm beer and nothing but the sound of you breathing me.

there will never be a morning like you.